Wednesday, May 04, 2005

buy crap.

i hope that if my blog has not made you want to leave society behind and run to the forrest (which was it's only goal) then at least it will make you think twice about what you buy and why. here are two websites that offer the first world consumer fairtrade products from all over the world. parts of the profits help local third world communities.

objects as community

the folowing thoughts were presented to me by some one who wishes to remain anonomys. lets just call him D. Tattum. actualy that might be too obviouse so we will call him drederick t for short. much of the following is vastly oversimplifying the world and is probaly very inaccurate for some individuals.

modern life especialy in america is characterized by mobility and isolation. people move often. travel in cars on the best interstate system in the world. can pack up and leave whenever they want. we work in small cubicles. live on culdisacks. and don't know our neighbors. the opposite relation is also true. our companions and friends could pack up and leave at any moment. they often do. we count our close friends on one hand. most people we see do not know us or care about us at all.

owning property serve some purpose. objects that we own. they are our community. representing ideas and ideals. we can infuse in them characteristics and personalities that no inanimate object has. people name thier cars. we have favorite dishes and candles. objects give our lives a permanent structure, meaning and personality. they will never leave. in a sick way we want them to be our surrogate friends. always in our house. waiting at home to comfort us. faithful they will never leave us.

or this might be too far of a stretch for even the most whiny, pimplefaced, sickofitall, angst ridden teenager to accept.

fashon as identity

the great social critic and intellectual bad boy georg simmel is well know for his analysis of the freedoms and pitfalls of post industrial life. expanding upon his writings it may be justifiable to believe that fashion is used as a way to be identified as a unique individual.

For most of human history we lived in small villages. we knew, intimatly, everyone and everything we saw every day. our neighbors were our close friends who we knew and cared about. the pace of life was slow. change was rare. conformity was high. new ideas do not enter a small self sustaining community.

after the agricultural and industrial revolution life changed for many people. we now live in metropolisis. the pace of life is high. new stimuli pass by every miniute. just doing errands around town you may pass a hundred people you do not know and see thousands of objects not initmatly known or understood. freedom is higher because everyone is focused on themselves rather than on group unity as they were in the village.

one could stop and examine every object in the metropolis and introduce yourself to each stranger you pass. however this would likly result in you getting nothing done and thus starving or your head exploding from all the new stimuli.

to prevent this from happening people develop a protective membrane or what Simmel calls "blase". this glaze over our eyes allows us to ignor some if not most of the stimuli that would otherwise demand out attention. this blase also prevents us from noticing or caring about the peole we see every day.

unpresedented levels of freedom are granted to the individual in a metropolis. everyone is too blase to notice you. yet we still would like to be remembered. so fashinon is developed as both an expression of personal freedom and as a method of demanding attention and breaking through the blase screen.

read this site and see if you agree with my basterdization of his work.
do you agree with his caracterization of modern life?
is fashion a result of our blase busting urges and new freedoms granted by the metropolis?

second best

the following is the basic line of logic, expressed to me, as a possibility, of how some people live, in capitalist consumerist countries, and why.

we may accept the second best option for our lives.
the first best is total spiritual completness. understanding your life and role in the world as well as god's plan for your life. since this task is very hard very few people actualy attain it. yet if we do can not atain this we feel a void. thier is an emptyness that creates longing and self doubt. inorder to fill or partialy fill this void we select the second best option. this may include filling your life with extras that are concrete, percievable and more easily attainable then spiritual completness. we seek to be percieved as this or that, rather than actualy becoming this or that. physical, concrete and material wealth become the public percieprion of yourself. we are not actualy the sum of all our possesions, but we can pretend that they help us be who we want to be seen as.

toyota prius

my buddy offered to write a post about his sweet new car. but he is a bum and the semester is coming to an end. so i will just fill in some of the more interesting things i can remeber. it has gotten 100freaking mile on one gallon of gas befor. i imagine he is getting boyband ass thanks to all the cars cool features. its got an interactive dash board that constantly updates the mpg and energy saved in real time. something about icons of lightbulbs representing the amount of electricity the driver has saved every five miniuts. all this is well and good however this borderline OCD friend of mine has been known to drive around the block extra times befor parking to prolong the experience of getting exceptionaly good gas mileage.

trappist monks

loyola university hosted two trappist monks a few weeks ago. students wer honored with a relaxed conversation and question and answer forum with Fr. Mark and Brother Francis. these men were extreamly calm and confident. beiong in the same room as them it was hard not to get the feeling that they were in total peace. it can be hard to see how not at peace most people are all the time untill they are exposed in contrast to men like Fr Mark and Brother Francis.

the monks disscussed many things and hit upon a few themes connected with this site.

they talked of physical objects as clutter and "artifical paradises". the men own one pair of clothes and live very simply.

the path to god for these two was an aestetic journey. they believe that the true human identity is often hidden under material distractions. comming to understand your true self, your brother and sister and finaly God is hard enough. but it is even more difficult when one attempts to keeps objects, noise and confusion in one's life.

many people think being a monk would be a nice quite peaceful and easy existence. however they both noted how the first few years were extreamly difficult. the silence was troubeling. without the clutter of noise, jobs, extra friends, designer lamps and the such all they had to focus on was themselves. sometimes what you see is not pleasing. so they constantly work on becoming who they wanted to be spiritualy.

the monks live a very simple life. wake up at about 330am and back to bed at 800pm. they share a few meals togethre, pray almost half a dozen times and work (making friutcakes) for about 5 hours a day. although they live communaly, interaction is focused on the self and with god.

you can learn more about them here at thier web site.
also order a fruit cake as it is how they support themselves.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


after mardi gras i felt the urge to leave the city.
the carnival was awesome but i wanted a detox.
i jumped on a freight train at the levee near the fly.
took it over the heuy p long bridge.
the view of the sky line was spectacular.
it was also unnerving standing at the end of a hopper car
traveling slowly 100+ ft above the mississippi river.
trains, or at least the two i took over the weekend traveld painfully slow. its especialy noticiable when your tring to remain unseen while traveling through an uptown intersection at 15 mph.
eventualy i jumped off the train somewhere on the west bank(still the best bank by the way).
i cooked some caned food. went for a walk in the woods. sleept on the ground next to the embers of the fire. it was alot colder than i had assumed a louisiaina night would be outside. durring the night i caught a dramatic scene when a pair of owls dived bombed and-judging from the squeels-killed some small animal. they were hooting it was squelling i was in awe. like the nature channel 40 ft from me. it was a great night in the woods. the next morning i felt like a new man. on an early morning walk i found a turtel shell which i kept as a souvenier of my trip. then i took another train back into the N.O.. that was a cool trip.

this post has preciouse littel to do with consumption. if anybodys got a tie in that would be cool. and by anybody i mean the 100s of thousands of people who regularly read this blog but prefer to keep thier status unknown.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mardi Gras

the greatest free show on earth.
if you don't believe mardi gras has real ultimate power you can get a life right now or these guys will party with you till you pass out. its an easy choice if you ask me. mardi gras krews are soooooooooooo sweet that i want to crap my pants. i can't believ it sometimes, but i feel it inside my heart. these guys are totally awesome and thats a fact. drunken new orleanian parade revelers are fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful and sweet. i can't wait to start fliping out at this years mardi gras. i love mardi gras with all my body (including my pee-pee).

in days gone by this weeks-long event's success was measured by the tons of trash it produced. this practice stoped due to the change from glass to aluminum cans. in the late eighties the succes mark was 2,000 tons of trash. keep in mind one ton equals 2,000 lbs. this and some other sweet mardi gras knowledge can be found here:
also if you liked my first paragraph you will love this site:

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


*And by consume i mean read.
actual eating of computer monitor is discour....encouraged!

Monday, January 24, 2005

How much of the earth do you use?

Possibly the coolest thing on the internet related to a sustainable lifestyle.
And by coolest i mean wicked cool
This quick quiz will measure the amount of land and water neccesary
to maintain your standard of living.
Although not very detailed the quiz results give you a general idea
of what it takes to fuel your lifestyle.
You can see your results compared to the rest of the world
and to other people in your country.
Test yourself at:

What would make this test more accurate?
How can we minimize our footprint?...what about jailing fat people?
Doesn't international development mean more people with larger footprints?
If the rest of the world finds out how much we use are they justified in...
hating us? envying us? mudering us?

Primitive Living

A less polluting way of life more in contact with nature is possible.
Native Americans did it.
The Aborigines still exist this way.
But can modern men revert to this way of life?
These people seem to have come close.
After living in modern America do you think living in preindustrial third world conditions would be more rewarding or disgusting?
post your comments.

Q:Does this make my butt look fat?

A: No, eating deepfried baconcheeseburgers and a Coke for breakfast makes your butt look fat!
Next time try geting a diet Coke and see what happens.
Body Mass Index (BMI) is a scale that estimates your body fat.
The scale compares your weight to your height to determine your BMI.
It is a general guide that is basicly accurate.
However if you are extremely muscular it may overestimate your bodyfat.
Conversely, if you are extremely soft with almost no muscle tone ( yeah I'm talking to you Fatty) this scale may underestimate your body fat.
Try it out here:

Building Natures Ruin

"Global climate change results from the realities of Western, post-industrialist, capitalist culture. It is embedded in unsustainable lifestyles."
-Wilfried Wang in Sustainability is a Cultural Problem. 2003
View his full article here:
At the end of his article he makes some propositions.
What do you think.
Is he an insigtful man in someway associated with Harvard (unlike me)?
Or is he one of those barefoot hippies
in need of a trip to Guantanamo Bay
(like ultra-liberal* Secretary of The Interior Gale Norton)?
To see how far left* Gale is click here:
*And by far left i mean wicked conservative.**
** and by wicked conservative i mean really really interested in pleasing big buisness
even if it means poisioning the enviroment and the people she has been entrusted to protect.

Jesus and Wealth

Matthew 19;24
Again I say to you, It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Mark 10;23
And Jesus looked round about, and saith unto his disciples, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God! And the disciples were astonished at his words. But Jesus answereth again, and saith unto them, Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God!

Lost Book of Chicken Soup for the Early Christians Soul 10;66
At the temple the Pharisees continued to try and out wit Jesus. they asked weather green onion or bayleaf would add more flavor to a chicken soup. Jesus responded to them by saying "shut up you fatasses, in my fathers house the doors are narrow, the floorboards weak and the waistlines slight. We have no place for your type"

Jesus has been dead for almost 2000 years. Does anybody even care what he thought anymore.
Would Jesus care how much of a fat slob Rush Limbaugh or Newt Gingrich was?
Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that even he couldn't eat it? (Homer Simpsons)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

gobblers graveyard

food eatenjan14-jan20:
4 apples
2 sticks o celery
2 carrots
3 domes o broccoli
12 oz can of tuna
12 fl oz can apple juice concentrate
6 oatmeal butterscotch cookies
4 chimmychungas
2 bananas
6 oz cottage cheese
16 oz concentrate can of orange juice
6 oz box of raisins
4 resses peanut butter cups
20 "double stripe cookies"
1 piece birthday cake
15 oz can of black beans
1 gallon whole milk
12 eggs
8 oz cheddar cheese
1 lb bag of pasta
2 bowls popcorn
1 slices of king cake
1 green pepper
3 pancakes
2 hot dogs
28 oz can of tomatoes
29 oz con of peaches
6 oz of catfish
14 oz can of green beans
1 potatoe
2 slices of pizza
2 peanut butter sndwiches
11 slices of whole grain bread.

Sometimes i wish thier was a pill i could eat that would
give me all the nutrition and calloeries i needed for a week.
Would save a lot of time.

On the other hand thier are some merits to food.
Like after i have a fight with my boyfriend i need to
curl up with a gallon of double fudge cookies and cream Ben and Jerry's
ice cream and watch a movie on The Lifetime Channel.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the oil we eat

Scientists have a name for the total amount of plant mass created by Earth in a given year, the total budget for life. They call it the planet's "primary productivity." There have been two efforts to figure out how that productivity is spent, one by a group at Stanford University, the other an independent accounting by the biologist Stuart Pimm. Both conclude that we humans, a single species among millions, consume about 40 percent of Earth's primary productivity, 40 percent of all there is. This simple number may explain why the current extinction rate is 1,000 times that which existed before human domination of the planet. We 6 billion have simply stolen the food, the rich among us a lot more than others.

link to some interesting ideas
accepted ideas
and disgusting ideas
by richard manning